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TellTheBellCanada is the official guest experience survey of Taco Bell Canada. Customers can earn free coupon codes and other cash rewards by completing the TellTheBellCanada survey. Www.TellTheBellCanada.Com survey website is changed to

TellTheBellCanada Guest Experience Survey

TellTheBellCanada is an online Customer feedback survey for the world-famous Taco Bell Canada restaurants. This is their official survey website, although they also host surveys on other websites.

TellTheBellCanada is strictly for Taco Bell Canada customers, and you must have a valid order receipt to participate in the Tell the Bell Canada Survey. Taco Bell Canada is dedicated to improving its customer’s experience at their Taco Bell Restaurant locations, and customer feedback is the best place to start.

The Taco Bell Canada survey is standard and takes between 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your speed. If you have a note about your time at Taco Bell, visit and put it in the survey to see the change you want.

TellTheBellCanada Survey Guide

The Taco Bell Canada guest experience survey is easy to access if you want to participate. This is important since your feedback will make you earn free food coupons and rewards up to $500. Give your honest opinion and constructive suggestions that will make the Taco Bell Canada restaurant a better place for you.

Make sure you have your latest Taco Bell receipt before going online to take the survey. To access the survey;

  1. Launch your favorite browser and type “TellTheBellCanada” in the search engine. You can also use the official Taco Bell survey link,, or the TellTheBellCanada.Com Survey link.
  2. A page with privacy information will inform you that the site will access your IP address and location to create a better survey. Read the popup and click the continue button if you are okay with it.
  3. Before you start the Taco Bell Canada survey, you will have to enter the Taco Bell store number, the date and time of the meal, and your order number. All this information is on the receipt and once you enter it, click the start button.
  4. From this point, follow the screen prompts for each question until you complete the survey. Taco Bell offers rewards to 4 users each entry period, and you could win as much as $500.
TellTheBellCanada Taco Bell Canada Survey
TellTheBellCanada Survey at Www.TellthebellCanada.Com

Taco Bell Canada Survey Rewards

Taco Bell has prizes for its surveys to encourage customer participation. Taco Bell releases 4 prizes in each entry period; therefore, you can be among the lucky 4 winners. A customer can make an application once each entry period.

If you win, Taco Bell will inform you within the week after you finish the Taco Bell Canada survey. Ensure you give the correct email address during the survey to get your free coupon code or cash prize. They will make the payment to the winners through the Taco Bell Sweepstakes.

The prices vary; some customers can win as much as $500. Visit the TellTheBellCanada survey and try your luck. You can also win a free coupon code for Taco Bell Canada restaurant. Your survey will help the franchise improve your Taco Bell experience even if you miss the gift.

Taco Bell Canada Survey Rules

Taco Bell is dedicated to helping customers that use its services. As such, not everyone can access their survey and give feedback. Some rules help them separate customers, from jokers, and here are the requirements;

  1. A Taco Bell Canada restaurant receipt. You need to have the Taco Bell receipt of your last meal since it has information crucial to accessing the survey. You will need the store number, order number, date, and time; all these are on the receipt.
  2. An internet device. The survey is exclusively online, so you must have a device that can connect to the internet. This can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Any operating system or device model will work with the Taco Bell website.
  3. About 10 minutes to complete the survey. The survey has no difficult questions, and you should have an easy time going through it in about 5 or 10 minutes.
  4. A stable internet connection. The survey is on a series of web pages, so you need a strong internet connection to bring up the new pages and submit your answers. You might take upwards of 15 minutes on the survey if your internet connection is slow.
  5. A valid email address. You must input a valid address through which Taco Bell can reach you and inform you about your survey’s progress.
  6. Taco Bell employees and anyone below 18 years cannot enter the survey.
  7. You can’t transfer a price from the survey to another person. Only the winner can go to a Taco Bell and use the prize; there can be only one prize per household.
  8. Taco Bell Canada employees can not participate in this survey.

TellTheBell Canada Survey Details

Reward$500 cash check
Receipt Validity3 days
Taco Bell Canada Survey Details

Why Tell the bell Canada survey?

Most fast food restaurants have surveys to help them know what their guests like and the best way to improve their services. Taco Bell Canada is one of the most well-known fast food restaurants in Canada, and it also has an online survey system called TellTheBellCanada.

The Taco Bell Canada customer feedback survey system allows Taco Bell restaurants to streamline their services to improve the customer experience. Let us look at how it works and how a customer can use it. You must have come across the TellTheBellCanada survey and wondered what it was all about. Let us break it down and give you all the details on it;

Taco Bell Canada Survey Contact Detail

Do you want to get in touch with the TellTheBellCanada Guest Experience Survey? Here is how you can reach them.

The best option is to call customer service at +1 800 822 6235 to speak to an agent who will sort out your grievance. You can also visit the Taco Bell Canada website.

The fast food restaurant industry and other food franchises success depend on customer satisfaction, and any establishment needs to know what customers want. Customers are picky; eventually, they choose the restaurant that gives them the best version of what they want.

Tell The Bell Canada Survey Questionnaire

You need to know what to expect when doing the Taco Bell survey. The questions are pretty straightforward, and here are some topics you should expect to discuss;

  • The quality of the food at the store you visited.
  • How clean the environment and the store were when you visited.
  • How accurate was your meal compared to your order?
  • The employee’s friendliness and hospitality when dealing with you during your visit.
  • Your overall experience and satisfaction with your trip to Taco Bell Canada.

Here are some of the most common questions customers have about the TellTheBellCanada guest experience survey;

How often do customers get the $500 cash prize?

Taco Bell Canada survey gives 5 people the $500 prize for each predefined season, so be on the lookout for them. They often send notification emails to inform customers of this.

Can I do more than one Taco Bell survey?

Each email address has one online entry slot, and if you make more than one entry, only the first one will be eligible for that entry period.

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