GRASS: Turn your Mac into a Modern Geographical Information

Instantly transform your Mac into a Modern Geographical Information System…

Please don’t leave your Mac geospatially-challenged without the powerhouse of our Intel and PowerPC native ready-to-use GIS software and utilities included with “OpenOSX GrassPro”:

“OpenOSX Grass” the latest and only stand-alone application of the proven GRASS GIS software packed with features and online documentation

“OpenOSX MapServer”, our complete stand-alone application with an embedded Apache 2.2.8 & PHP 5.2.6 enabled webserver, is used for readily publishing dynamic, navigatable maps with layers to the Internet directly from many popular geospatial file formats including ESRI Shape files and GRASS “Locations”

“OpenOSX GMT” Generic Mapping Tools: a robust collection of more than 60 tools in our exclusive stand-alone application configured with the iGMT graphical interface for manipulation and presentation of GIS data in our exclusive self-contained, stand-alone application

Postgis for spatially-enabling the included PostgreSQL database and MapServer

BLM and various command-line utilities, tutorials and much more!

Image ©2006 3DTOPO Inc; used with permission; OpenOSX Grass was utilized extensively

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  • NEW! “OpenOSX Grass” is now fully configured for the popular and FREE Quatum GIS (QGIS).
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Free “OpenOSX™ Grass” Download PowerPC and Intel Native Now Available

New! Improved Quick Start and included documentation.
OpenOSX Grass 6.3.0 GIS

GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System), is a Geographic Information System (GIS) combining powerful raster, vector, and geospatial processing engines into a single integrated software suite. GRASS includes tools for spatial modeling, visualization of raster and vector data, management and analysis of geospatial data, the processing of satellite and aerial imagery, along with the capability to produce sophisticated presentation graphics and hardcopy maps.

The “OpenOSX Grass” application, offered exclusively by OpenOSX, is now available native for both PowerPC and Intel Macintoshes, and is the easiest way ever for users of Mac OS X (or any operating system for that matter) to harness the tremendous power from the decades of man-hours that have gone into the Open Source GRASS GIS project, which has now been under development for nearly 30 years. The first time launched, “OpenOSX Grass” helps you to get started by loading and selecting the embedded tutorial dataset along with opening accompanying reading material for you – just double-click our inviting icon.

GRASS 6.3.0 is the result of years of development that incorporates 3,400 major and minor improvements over version 6.2, including a Mac OS X native application interface. We have made it easy to switch between the traditional X11 interface and the new experimental interface.

GRASS now sports a new graphical GIS manager complete with layers and a new menu system. The NVIZ visualization (with support for OpenGL) tool has been enhanced to display 3D vector data and voxel volumes and supports the creation of on-the-fly MPEG animations as well as a host of other additional features and improvements. See what else is new with GRASS 6.3.0 and GRASS 6.2.1.

More about Grass…

OpenOSX MapServer 5.0.3

Deliver your geo-spatial solution to the Internet in record time with “OpenOSX MapServer”, installed complete with working demo maps, and of course, completely-configured by “OpenOSX GrassPro”. “OpenOSX MapServer” makes it easy to serve dynamically generated maps with user selectable raster, vector, text and symbol layers, which may be zoomed and panned. Now PowerPC and Intel native and is based on Apache 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.6 and MapServer 5.0.3 all contained and configured in our unique stand-alone application

We have built MapServer with extensive GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) support enabling more than 40 raster file-formats including: TIFF/GeoTIFF, DOQ, JPEG2000 and DEM; vector file support through OGR supporting formats including: ESRI® Shapefiles, Mapinfo files, PostgreSQL and SDTS; and more including PROJ4 supporting more than 120 projections and datum shifts; PostGIS and more.

OpenOSX GMT 4.3.1 (Generic Mapping Tools)
Discover the power of GMT featuring more than 60 tools for rich manipulation of geographic and Cartesian datasets including advanced filtering, trending, gridding, projection and much more with EPS file format output. GMT is estimated to be used by more than 10,000 scientists around the world and has been in development for the last 7 years. For maximum power and flexibility, GMT was designed to utilize command line operation with robust automation capabilities, however, for those who prefer a graphical user interface, we include iGMT which is a Mac OS X (Tcl/Tk) native interface. More…

GIS Utilities

We include more than 30 additional command line GIS tools from PostGIS which enables spatial, geographic support for the included PostgreSQL (similar to ESRI’s® SDE and Oracle’s® Spatial Extension), to automation of file-conversion tasks and coordinate conversions including a dozen classic BLM utilities: dem2xyz, dem2dxf, e00conv and more compiled native for Mac OS X. Command line tools have the advantage that they may be easily used in scripts for processing large amounts of files, and they also can harness the imense power of the “C-shell” (the Terminal application included with Mac OS X is a “shell” environment).

Image ©2006 3DTOPO Inc, used with permission; OpenOSX Grass was utilized extensively

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For more information about Grass, visit Grass’ home page at Mesa information is at, unixODBC information is at, PostgreSQL at, NVIZ at, TCL/TK at, FTTW at, and the GDAL module information can be found at For more information about GMT visit, GMT is Copyright ©1991 – 2008 by Paul Wessel and Walter H. F. Smith. iGMT’s home is located at and is Copyright (C) 1998 – 2005 by Thorsten W. Becker, Alexander Braun

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